Contractor List

Name Company Department Email PIN Action
Alta Turcotte Bruen, Lebsack and Lang Lay-Out Worker 376459 Edit Delete
Armando Willms Bruen, Lebsack and Lang Veterinary Technician 132289 Edit Delete
Wayne Jenkins Bruen, Lebsack and Lang Dental Laboratory Technician 422055 Edit Delete
Ramon Spencer Bruen, Lebsack and Lang Logistician 466842 Edit Delete
Tess Johns Bruen, Lebsack and Lang Forging Machine Setter 898145 Edit Delete
Ms. Bernadette Hand II Moore-Sipes Biochemist 128959 Edit Delete
Fernando Veum Moore-Sipes Camera Repairer 017126 Edit Delete
Marcia Wunsch Moore-Sipes Communications Teacher 540338 Edit Delete
Esta Altenwerth II Moore-Sipes Physicist 088394 Edit Delete
Ms. Celia Schiller DDS Moore-Sipes Telecommunications Line Installer 557101 Edit Delete