Contractor List

Name Company Department Email PIN Action
Mr. Olaf Deckow Fritsch-O'Conner Vocational Education Teacher 099740 Edit Delete
Dominic Sporer Fritsch-O'Conner Budget Analyst 776718 Edit Delete
Mr. Jared Torphy PhD Fritsch-O'Conner Paperhanger 922366 Edit Delete
Zula Zboncak Fritsch-O'Conner Electrical Engineer 241471 Edit Delete
Mr. Orlando Murphy Fritsch-O'Conner Crushing Grinding Machine Operator 791588 Edit Delete
Timothy Ledner Fritsch-O'Conner Recreational Vehicle Service Technician 015656 Edit Delete
Ethan Johnston Fritsch-O'Conner Structural Iron and Steel Worker 867934 Edit Delete
Randi Romaguera Fritsch-O'Conner Home Economics Teacher 671123 Edit Delete
Lucious McKenzie Langosh and Sons Civil Engineer 911693 Edit Delete
Zoey Kuhlman Langosh and Sons Laundry OR Dry-Cleaning Worker 231528 Edit Delete